6 easy steps to market your business with the world

1. Package selection

Our account managers will work in consultation with you to establish exactly which package is most suitable to market your business: we will show you all the options available and recommend the best contract for you.

2. Content & Concept

At this stage our account managers will have passed all of your details across to our customer experience team. We will ask you to complete a design questionnaire which details the number of pages, colours, logo required, and other sites that inspire you. From here we will help you to bring together all of the content, i.e text, images etc.

3. Design & Development

Our highly experienced web designers will take the information that you provided, build the appropriate number of pages and enter your content. All of our designers have an excellent eye for detail and design which ensures that your website looks like a true reflection of your business and is attractive to new customers.

4. Revision & Changes

We will send you a link to view your website which will allow you to review it and tell us of and amendments. Again our customer experience team will be in touch to find out if you have any revisions that you may have, our designers will make any changes and we will let you know as soon as they are completed. This process will continue until you are completely satisfied.

5. Uploading to server

At this stage we will add your contacts page, ensure that the email you have is fully operational and upload your site to our hosting server. Within 48 hours of upload your site will live be to the world.

6. Project complete

We believe that communication is the key to making sure that all of our customers are happy and that their website is completed in a timely fashion. Our aim is to ensure that we provide a smooth, no hassle service to everyone that we partner with.