mobile website conversion

Mobile website conversion

Outbox4 Mobile offers a quick and easy way to make your website mobile. We also recognize that you need more than this to interact with your mobile site visitors. That’s why we offer features that are optimized for the mobile world, like automatic click to call, map and directions, and business SMS information.


Optimized for smartphones

Mobile websites built by outbox4 are compatible with all major smartphones including the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows 7 phones.

Our mobile conversions have been tested and optimized to work with the latest mobile browsers.

As new smartphones with larger sized screens are released from major manufacturers, we test all of our mobile templates to make sure that they display properly across new screen sizes. You can always have confidence that your mobile website will appear correctly on all HTML5 enabled mobile phones.

Automatic syncing

With Outbox4, your mobile website will always, automatically sync with your regular website. Any changes you make to the text, images and content on your desktop site will automatically be updated in your mobile site. We do this checking for updates on your regular website each time a visitors comes to your mobile site. If we find changes, we automatically display the updates on your mobile website. All of this is done in real-time and with no delay for your mobile site visitors.


Help your customers easily connect with your business through your mobile friendly site with a click-to-call button. Adding a click-to-call button to your mobile website allows people to instantly call your business with the click of a button. In analyzing over 500 small business mobile websites, we found that, on average, 18.3% of people who visit a mobile website will click on the click-to-call button and contact the business. For some businesses, this percentage can reach as a high 65%!

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