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Malawi Leaders of Learning is a unique opportunity and a new Scottish partnership being forged between the council’s education services and Malawi’s South West Division. It is a two-way charity and development scheme aimed at sharing resources and expertise between two countries to improve the quality of learning and teaching for Malawian children.’

n Malawi, primary school is free and well attended in the early years, however only 35% of pupils complete and fewer still, mostly boys go on to secondary school.

Some children have to travel huge distances to get to school and there are around 12,000 children in one school where the ratio of children to classrooms is 517:1

Conditions are so difficult and teachers only teach in their specialist area – in one school they will have 25 teachers for about 500 pupils, compared to some other schools they are doing quite well, however they still have classes of 100 while teachers stand about doing nothing as they are not trained to teach them.

Since 2008 Holyrood Secondary School have been sending senior pupils out to Malawi to work in schools and for years the focus has been mainly on infrastructure and building more classrooms.

Holyrood’s headmaster Tom McDonald together with chief executive director of education, Maureen McKenna spearheaded an ambitious plan to broaden that experience and this year, pupils and teachers have been working with groups of Malawi children to develop their literacy skills and supporting children with additional needs.

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